The Beginning (Scrap i.)

By Jossi Drew

A few months ago I made a short video of a few friends whilst hanging at their new pad in town. The video itself never really took off, well the quality isn’t there and neither was my urge to create more content consistently afterwards. Regardless of the success or lack of it, since then I have been watching, reading and learning about a lot of other ways to create content. I think my issue is that I am sporadic when it comes to choosing one thing to focus my mind on and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldnt/do not need to do that.

Thus this website is born, Here is where I’ll express myself in whatever way I desire from day to day or week or week. I could be set on one subject for a while or completely drop it the next day. That’s my warning you could say, but I promise at the very least to create creative content consistently.


There are so many things I am interesting in these days like film photography, videography, journaling, drawing, creating and listening to music, etc. The list goes on as I discover more things to learn about.

I’ve been particularly hooked on this one couple based in Berlin, Germany (@wildweroam) who share their experiences via social media and do it through photography, videography, blogging, etc. Their lifestyle has been particularly inspiring and I am ready to jump on the bandwagon of living & creating creative content consistently. The couple has provided me with great words of advice, those being:

Create creative content consistently & create more than you consume.

And that will be the mantra of this site and wherever it takes me.